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Integrated Design: is the seamless collaboration of the design team and consultants in the service of sustainability and architecture. Architect and Climate engineer play the key role in this collaborative team.

We believe that there is no valid alternative for integrated design. The world of design is based on teamwork and team ideas. Globally, the world faces environmental and economic challenges, likewise in architecture and building trades.

While every project and client poses unique environmental challenges, we believe that the Architectural profession can make responsible decisions about the stewardship of our natural and built environment and respect for its resources and cycles. We take a “cradle to cradle” or full cycle approach to our projects, building systems, clients, and communities, and seek to identify and specify renewable and reused building materials. This includes attention to material life cycles, of their growth, harvest, manufacture, use, and eventual disposal and return to the supply chain.

In each project we take a holistic approach to setting environmental goals and the intent of the project. Our role in implementing our Client´s strategy is to make informed decisions in the design process framed within the mission and goals of the individuals or organization. This allows the Client to make educated decisions about building methods based on thoughtful, realistic and clear goals.

Our approach follows the project from concept design through to the building owner´s manual and occupation. Our fundamental understanding of building histories and performance improves all designs in a systematic and cost appropriate manner. Our design work includes an environmental education mission, grounded in the research and experience of the firm.

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