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Next Phase Studios Architects is a collaborative design firm providing full design services for architecture and interiors. We work as an experienced, integrated team and use a dynamic, problem solving approach. As both individuals, and studio members, we strive for a very high level of expertise and effectiveness. This method leads to creative, sustainable, innovative design, building technology, and well managed Project Delivery.

Our team structure allows us to execute a complex range of projects of a diverse type, budget, and size.  Next Phase Studios provides project leadership and actively engages a full team of professional engineers, construction & costs consultants, landscape and lighting designers, and required specialists to collaborate with the client & builder from concept through construction and occupation. At the core of this approach is a design process that fully involves the client and adds value in the realization of architecture and its place in the built environment.

The results of our work incorporate the diverse experiences and contributions by all the team members involved in the creative or design process.  This inclusive approach allows us to excel, for example, in the fields of
Integrated Design, Sustainability and Building Performance. A creative process is always an integrated one within a Collaborative Team. In the context of our work, and brought into focus by each project, known principles and approaches are constantly questioned and interrogated through new methodologies and disciplined design.

In architectural design, we prefer the unusual to the usual, or put another way, we tend to introduce the ‘usual’ in an unusual way. We see the experiential component of architecture, the composition of space and light, as being free and supportive of the social aspects.  This leads to what we call human friendly or Humanistic Design. We believe that such an approach can introduce a certain lightness and simplicity to architecture resulting in well received projects.


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