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CMMAEC Convention Center

The new Convention Center, located next to a landscape park, is part of the new Luogang Business Park development plan in Guangzhou, China. The immediate image of the Convention Center as seen from the highway will be of a white, translucent "Cloud" roof floating gently above the exhibition halls and surrounding landscape. This impression is enhanced by a strong landscape connection between the building and the park to the East and the river to the West which is integral to the concept of the building. The natural relationships between water, land, and sky, familiar to all people, inspire and provide the design concept the new Convention Center. These relationships and the resultant design solution are manifest in technical energy efficient solutions, sensitive response to ecological imperatives and requirements, programmatic functionality, and spatial/architectural iconology. Ultimately, the elements coordinate on all levels to provide a high performance building seamlessly integrated into the landscape and, above all, a humanistic experience for all who inhabit the Convention Center.



Guangzhou, China

Project Type:

Project Size:
49,000 SF







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