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Harbor Island Pavilion

The pavilion is a passage through a landscape, an island emerging from the urban environment. One senses the Greenway momentarily transformed to reveal this other landscape. A topographic map reaching to defi ne itself as existing beyond the current urban surrounds. This materializes first as an interpretative beach garden with the shore of the island that is the pavilion. This landscape transforms and changes scale into an edge, a dune lifting and rising. You now enter the space the pavilion proper, and here the dunes are retained between granite sea walls, or abandoned fortifi cations. The passage flows through a channel; you have left the Greenway and passed into the harbor and islands. The program appears as eddies along this passage, the presence of the organizing topography overhead. This materialized topography is further strengthened by the tension structure that holds the lip of the dune, the roof. The clear, clean edge of the materialized, built contours feel suspended by some invisible cartographic grid or unknown chart. The closure between the walls is minimal: wood, light, airy and seasonally operable. The glass wall becomes a gentle glow at night, defining the captured contour, and a projection screen for images and information on the Harbor Islands. This edge disperses, the moment is gone, and another passage begins.



Project Type:
Exhibition Pavillion






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