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IBN Institute of Forestry + Nature Research

This design fulfills the University in Wegeningen's vision for a cutting edge sustainable pilot project for their Institute for Forestry and Nature Research. Given a context typical in the Netherlands, the building's site is flat and over cultivated next to clusters of greenhouses. The project introduced a very ordered “system” based on a series of gardens to clean on-site water, soil, and provide substrate for various plants species. Some of these gardens are enclosed to support a Mediterranean climate for specialized plantings and a comfortable user work environment. The centrally-featured indoor gardens are nartually conditioned and promote a setting for research and informal gathering. Users of the IBN Institute can potentially show how sustainable landscaping and an ecologically sensible use of nature might be realized without extra costs. The project was not only a pilot with regards to ecological aspects and user and evironmentally friendly building, but also with regards to the procedures and integrated planning strategies implemented in its realization.



Wageningen, Netherlands

Project Type:

120,000 sf


Martin Werminghausen,
Principal - Next Phase Studios
[Project Partner with Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner-2004]






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