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Essex Road Residence

A signifi cant addition/ renovation to an extraordinary historic period house. The crux of the project was integrating a large addition without adversely comprimising the magnifi cent existing home and layout. The solution was a modernist plan encased in a complimentary exterior. The new garage, gallery, exercize, and guest suite are pulled off the main house. The connection is made integral at an existing stair. The space between is enclosed, transforming it into a garden court. Several architectural artifacts further the embodied history of the interior/ exterior qualities of the new spaces. The attitude toward fi nishes range in character from paying homage to the original to incorporating a very modern aesthetic. This interplay of new and old in the addition and the connection to this powerful house and its surrounding landscape integrate the site and the architecture.


Chestnut Hill, MA

Project Type:
Private Estate

Project Size:
12,000 SF







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