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Gatehouse Road Residence

A three-part project to restore and modernize a powerful and classic house designed by the architect Paul Rudolph. This included interpreting and extending the strict design language already in place, changing the intent as little as possible, while meeting changing needs. The clients are only the second owners of the house, and as such, the interiors were in an unaltered state, yet required renovations. We renovated a lower level that had been unfi nished to provide additional living space, all in keeping with the original design intent and details. The second component was the complete restoration of the exterior shell. This was again completed using the original vocabulary and included improved detailing to prevent water infi ltration and window replacement to improve energy effi ciency. The last component was to enclose the freestanding carport into a garage and was executed to integrate seamlessly with the original building.


Chestnut Hill, MA

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Single Family







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